Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I'm Sure You've Been Here... I'm Having A Day...

It's been one of those days...
You know the days I am talking about...
You hit the snooze button about 10 times before FINALLY getting out of bed...
You hope to sneak in a cup of coffee before the kids wake up, but realize that they are already awake, and by the fussing and whining you can tell that they should have stayed asleep longer...
They demand breakfast the second you come in their room, and as a matter of fact, the toddler wants to nurse and wont take no for an answer. She's teething.
When you're finally done nursing, you hurry to fix breakfast, and with each move you hope that you don't detonate a ticking time bomb that is your children.
You fail and the toddler throws a huge fit. Your coffee cannot be made quick enough.
You finally have the children settled with their breakfast, or so you think.
Just as you're about to sit and enjoy your breakfast, the toddler decides that she wants more.
So you get up and pour her some more cereal, but then she decides that isn't what she wants, and she goes to the refrigerator and points up at it. You ask her what she wants and she just points and whines...
So you have three guesses... Milk? No... Juice? Yes... Juice... Ok cool.
Then you think you're off the hook as you go back and sit down to finish your breakfast and nope... Toddler is not happy again. So, you sit her in time-out and she throws a huge fit, again.
While this is all happening, the preschooler is in her own little world, eating her breakfast and dumping milk on the table, and starts drawing pictures in her spilt milk.
Finally you drink down the last of your coffee and throw your gym clothes on, change the toddlers diaper, and get her dressed.
You pick out a pair of shoes but she doesn't want to wear those ones... Or the other 5 pairs you pick out... So you take a break from that and go get the preschooler so that she can get dressed. You tell her that its not time to mess with you because of the terrible time you had with the toddler.
You pick out her clothes, and she attempts to throw a fit. So you bribe her and tell her that she wont be able to go to her friends house if she continues to throw a fit. She stops... Back to the toddler.
You find her sitting on the floor in front of her closet trying to put on her shoes... You know which ones... The SAME pair you tried putting on her in the first place.
You have the kids brush their teeth as you grab your belongings and put them in the car.
You grab up the toddler to put her in the car, only to find that your darling husband has parked the car too close to the garage wall, so you bring toddler back into the house, back out the car, and proceed again.
Ok, kids in the car. Off to the gym.
Get to the gym and find out class is cancelled... No biggie. Lets see if theres another class. Ok great, there is. Spin. We have a love hate relationship. Hate when I'm doing it, but love how I feel after. I got this...
Take the kids to the childcare area, and get to the cycling room just as class is starting.
After an awesome time in Spin class, you grab a protein shake and head to the sauna for some more me time before grabbing the kids to go home.
You get home and proceed to make the kids lunch, but the toddler wants to nurse... Again...
So you nurse, and take this time to relax, meanwhile the preschooler is telling you how hungry she is and wont stop talking about her friends house. She wont let you forget... Nope.
So toddler finishes nursing, or so you think... You put her down and she throws a fit, but you go prepare lunch anyways.
While lunch is cooking, you decide this is a good time to get a little more exercise in.
So, you turn on Youtube and start doing your workout... All while trying not to trip over little people.
Ok, food is done. You put the food on the plates and take it to the table and set it in front of said little people... Of course the toddler is not satisfied, so you pour each little person a glass of milk, chocolate milk to be exact. You decide to finish your workout without any disruptions... Or try to anyways.
Nope. Not going to happen. You keep tripping over the little people that are finished with their lunch, so you do the cool down.
Toddler is fussy again so you decide that both kids need naps.
Preschooler reminds you again that you said she could go to her friends house, and throws herself to the floor because she has to take a nap first and its not fair. You remind her that she needs to nap and then she can go to her friends house. So she goes to your room and lays on your bed. You don't care where she lays down to nap, as long as she does not wake up the toddler.
Speaking of the toddler... You go put her in her crib which you recently converted into a toddler bed and she gets out of course, screaming and crying because naps are so horrible. (You think to yourself, trust me kid... You'll enjoy it when you're older) So you nurse toddler once again in hopes that it will make her drowsy enough to lay down and fall asleep.
Nursing is done, so you lay her down and she fusses. So you pat her back until she stops, and then you take a stuffed animal or whatever you can find, and place it where your hand was... Maybe she wont notice. Ok, she doesn't. You're all good. Leave, Now!
So you go to leave the room and that stupid door squeaks. You keep telling yourself you need to grease the door. Luckily she doesn't wake up so its all good.
So then, you take a deep breath and look at the clock to see how much time you have before both kids will be up and throwing their fits again...
You see piles of laundry around the house... Dishes in the sink... You haven't eaten lunch, and you are exhausted. A nap sounds so good, but so does a clean house. What do you pick? What will help your sanity? A clean house? Ok... Lets get to work. But first, you think, let me write this blog.... Ok, you're good. You got it off your chest.
If you made it to the end, you're awesome. This was my day, all before 1:30PM. I am sure I missed a lot of important details but my point is... Being a SAHM is hard... It might not physically be as hard as most jobs out there... But mentally... Man.  I am worn out. But I am strong. I can do this. I do it every day and I am still kickin'.  Momster may have come out today already, but that doesn't mean she has to stick around... So I'll take another deep breath and let her leave, and hopefully when the kids wake up, it will just be happy mommy hanging around.

As I end this let me just say, my blogs wont always make sense... The punctuation and format wont always be perfect, and that is ok... I am getting things off of my chest so that I dont carry them around with me and explode later.

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